MBI "Investment center"

The Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Investment сenter" was established by the resolution of the Head of the Ivanovo city № 453 of 18.05.2001 as a special organization for attracting investors to our city.

The main directions of activities of enterprise were:
- arrangement of work on the analysis and support of investment contracts concluded by the Administration of the city of Ivanovo;
- provision of services for the preparation of documentation, including the coordination of the units location;
- activities related to the management of switchboard installations transferred to the economic management of the enterprise;
- activities to form a document package for a land sale auction or the right to conclude a lease on a land plot for building or placement of an advertising constructure;
- participation in the formation of strategic directions in the activities of the municipality in the development of the investment climate, etc.

Until March 1, 2015 the main activity of the company was the formation of document packages required for land sale auctions or the right to conclude a lease on a land plot for housing and other constructions, which includes: cadastral work on the formation of a land plot, staging a state cadastral registration, collection of technical conditions for connecting a capital construction object to networks of engineering support.

In October 2017 Municipal unitary enterprise "Investment Center" had been organized into Municipal budgetary institution "Investment Center". At the moment the main objective of the institution activity is the improvement of the investment climate in Ivanovo city and systematic attraction of the investment resourses.
For achievement of the specified objectives the institution carries out the following functions and activities:
- targeted search for investors;
- formation of investment proposals for investors, including those implemented on the terms of municipal-private partnership;
- maintenance of the investment portal of the Ivanovo city;
- organizational support of investors, including the provision of a "one-stop shop" for investors interactions with authorities (of different levels);
- selection and formation (assistance in the formation) of prepared investment areas;
- promotion of investment opportunities and projects of the regional center;
- providing information and consulting support to small and medium-sized enterprises;
-support of exhibition activities, including the organization of training courses (seminars) on various topics for the business community.

Also the institution organizes and conducts public hearings on the issue of granting a permit for a conditionally permitted type of use of a land plot or an object for capital construction and for deviating from the maximum parameters of permitted construction.