Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics
Transport and logistics
Advantageous geographical location
Ivanovo has a unique location when compared to its neighbouring cities. It is situated within 100-150km from the biggest cities of the Central Federal District
Transport communication system is well developed, including railways and motorways and expanding air traffic directions. Such location creates favourable conditions for the development of interregional links and logistical interactions. Being close to the Federal centre and covering big area Ivanovo can be considered as a convenient ground for developing businesses. Being situated not far from Vladimir allows to travel to Moscow by fast trains “Lastochka” (“Swallow”) and “Strizh” (“Swift”), which makes the way to Moscow quicker by 1.5-2 hours.
Land transport

Routes for passengers:

Ivanovo – Saint Petersburg (express train “Textile land”)
Saint Petersburg – Ivanovo (express train “Textile land”)
Saint Petersburg – Samara
Samara – Saint Petersburg
Kineshma – Moscow
Moscow – Kineshma
Saint Petersburg – Ufa
Ufa – Saint Petersburg

Contact information:

Address: 153002, Vokzalnaya square, 3, Ivanovo
Open 24 hours
Information:8 (800) 775-00-00
Centre for the Promotion of Mobility:8 (800) 510-11-11
Ivanovo Train Station

Automobile transport is the most beneficial in terms of costs and speed of travel. Developed network of motorways and railways provides transport accessibility to and from the city. The major motorways and railways, connecting North-Western and Southern regions of Russian Federation, run via Ivanovo territory.

Contact information:

Address: 153032, Lezhnevskaya str., 152, Ivanovo
+7 (4932) 24-04-81 - reception;
+7 (4932) 23-41-54 - information;
+7 (4932) 23-41-41 - dispatcher;
+7 (4932) 24-04-43 - transportation department.

«Bus Station RIO - Ivanovo»:

153032, Ivanovo, Kohomskoe shosse str., 1-d.
Information: +7(4932)55-81-11
Dispatcher: (4932) 55-81-10; 55-81-23.
Bus Station

The Ivanovo bus station carries out passenger transportation in the following directions:
  • to the airports of Moscow (Ivanovo-Domodedovo, Ivanovo-Sheremetyevo, Ivanovo-Vnukovo)
  • on interregional routes: Ivanovo-Moscow, Murom, Vladimir, Kovrov, Ryazan, Kasimov, Vologda, Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Sokolsky, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kerch Feodosia-Simferopol-Yalta (Sevastopol), Anapa- Gelendzhik, Sochi-Adler, Minsk, Grodno, Volgorechesk, Rybinsk;
  • on intermunicipal (intraregional) routes: Ivanovo-Puchezh, Mugreevsky, Yuzha, Talitsy, Upper Landek, Pestyaki, Yuryevets, Zavolzhsk, Kineshma, Kamenka, Vichuga, Luh, Rodniki, Ples, Gavrilov Posad, Shchennikovo, Ilinsky, Komsomolsk, Savino, Maydakovo , Poddyb'e;
  • on suburban routes: Ivanovo - Kolobovo, Furmanov, Teikovo, Red Island, New Gorki, Introduction, Lezhnevo, Klementevo, Shuya.
Public transport
Municipal public transport is the most important element of Ivanovo city’s infrastructure. Its main purpose is carrying out stable, reliable and safe transportation of passengers. Two types of transport were used to organise regular transportation service for the population within the borders of the city district:
  • ground electric transport (trolleybuses);
  • automobile transport belonging to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Municipal routes network includes 50 routes:
  • 39 bus routes;
  • 11 trolleybus routes.
Categories of the public transport in the city, units
A rather extensive routes network is covered by 653 units of transport (96 trolleybuses и 557 buses) and covers all the districts of the city. Overall length of the routes is 891.7 km, including:
- bus routes – 724.1 km;
- trolleybus routes – 167.6 km.
Cargo transportation

Characteristics of the logistics centre:

  • Warehouses area – 10 800 m^2.
  • Guarded territory area – 9 000 m^2.
  • Офисные помещения класса В – 2 000 м^2.
  • Class B office buildings – 2 000 m^2.
  • Number of pallets – 6 300.
  • 11 loading / unloading docks (automatic gate, dock shelters, dock levellers).
  • Lifting and conveying equipment Rocla (electric stackers, electric trucks).
  • Tiered storage (front racks).
  • Warehouse management system (WMS) Mantis Logistic Vision III.
  • Modern fire alarm system
  • CCTV system

Transit, interregional and intraregional freight and passenger transportation are carried out on the territory of the city. In the year 2015 1391.2 thousand tons of goods were transported for all organisations other than small business entities, 607.1 thousand tons of which were transported on a commercial basis. The average range of transportation of one ton of goods was 194.8 km, on the commercial basis – 357.3 km. In addition, 715.2 thousand tons of cargo were transported by lorries managed by small business entities (without microenterprises), goods turnover reached 61.3 million ton-kilometre. There is a logistical centre “TDL Terminal” functioning in the city.

Contact information:

Actual address: 153015, Ivanovo, Peat Lane 67a.
tel / fax : (4932) 23-64-54 (secretary)
tel / fax : (4932) 29-54-31 (accounting)
(4932) 50-97-46 (commercial department))
(4932) 49-42-57 (PHE)
(4932) 38-46-06 (operation department)
Air transport

Contact information:

Ivanovo District, Lezhnevskoe shosse str., 3
tel.:8 (4932) 93-01-74
tel. booking office: 8 (4932) 93-22-33
Ticket office works:
Tuesday and Wednesday - from 11 to 17 hours,
Friday - from 11 to 20,
Saturday from 11 to 18,
Sunday from 07:30 to 20 hours,
Monday and Thursday are the days off.
Ivanovo airport

In the nearest proximity to the regional centre there’s a military airfield of the nationwide significance, which has international status. There’s a civil airport “Ivanovo-Yuzhny” situated 7 km away from the city, running regular flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg and also regular flights to Simferopol from 3rd June till 30th September.
Flights to Mineralniye Vody, Kazan and Krasnodar are going to be launched in 2017.